The Automatic Clustering Project  

The Automatic Clustering Project

The Automatic Clustering Project

Project Status

I'm afraid the project has been put on the back burner for the moment as me & Jon get our exams out of the way. However, if you're interested don't hesitate to say! It would be great if people got some ideas knocking around in our absence. Thanks for your patience!

What is it?

The Automatic Clustering Project (or 'autocluster') is a project designed to harness the power of distributed computing using open source software. The ultimate aim of autocluster is to produce a bootable CD to allow a user to boot a network straight into a fully functional cluster.

The power of clustering can be used to great effect, allowing the user to process complex calculations quickly. Many schools, colleges and universities have large numbers of computers on fast networks, but each machine only runs on it's own power. The Automatic Clustering Project is intended to give system administrators a way to turn their networks into 'clusters on demand', so they can acceas the extra computing power when required.

What stage is it at?

The Automatic Cluster Project is currently an idea on a piece of paper, but hopefully, with the help of the tools avalable at SourceForge the project will soon be underway. Visit to check it out now.

Problems to overcome - Can you help?

Once the project gets underway and starts producing disks, we are really going to need a way to upload them to a server without it taking all week and a place to store them all. The help of somone in the UK with a fast connection would be ideal. Email me at if you think you can help. I doubt that this will be for a while, however... :-)

Jamie Gosling

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